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Dear Sunshine, please be my guest...

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Today I'm inviting the fresh and airy aura to my design. It's this time of year when all I want is to open all the windows, and enjoy my morning coffee with the beautiful sunshine on my face.

Delicate pastel shades can bring the colours of the spring right inside our homes. To support this light and airy ambience it is better to choose furniture with legs. Keeping sofas and sideboards off the floor creates sense of space, so it's worth remembering when working with smaller rooms too.

Another element introducing outdoor inside, is the mirror. Adding reflection will welcome more light into the space to make it feel airy and bigger.

And finally; you can't miss the flooring in this room. I arranged dark and light wooden planks into the herringbone pattern to add dynamic to the space. The last thing I want to create is a boring interior...

Have a beautiful Spring everyone!

And don't forget to check my notes from time to time...

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