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Feeling festive?

There is nothing more exciting than bringing back from the garage or a loft all that Christmas decoration. I guess you couldn't resist buying some new baubles too, or maybe a little reindeer? When it comes to Christmas decoration, it's never too much!

So, is there something like a Christmas trends? Hmmm...I'm not sure... This is time of the year when I follow my heart and creativity. There is only one rule for me: house need to feel warm and cosy. It is up to our imagination, how we achieve it. It may be playing with lights, colours, or textures to bring this festive feeling right to the heart of our house, so the magic can happen.

There are some of my ideas, which may help you to create the perfect Christmas ready room.

1. Christmas Sky

Deep blue walls and ceiling can wrap you up around the Christmas table. There is no excessive ornamentation and decoration in this room, just essential elements: light, and beautiful organic materials. The whole focus is on the table evoking the enchanting atmosphere and a Christmas spirit.

2. Ode to Emerald

Here we are in the opulent, lavish, magnificent room. In this decadent interior nothing is too much. It is for many a whole world away from everyday comfort and functionality, but don't forget...It's Christmas! Deep, vibrant, opulent and regal emerald green, or classic British racing green- if you prefer, definitely adds mood and drama to the space. Mixing it with soft velvet, crystals and black lustrous baubles will create unforgettable splendid interior.

3. It's Winter

Purity and simplicity of furnishing and decoration resulted in this airy, bright and elegant space. To warm up the room I used a beautiful timber table. Subtle decoration with careful use of colours preserved delicate and monochromatic character of the space, gently bringing Christmas spirit to the air.

4. Raspberry Blush

I couldn't forget about Benjamin Moore's colour of the year 2023. This extremally inviting colour adds subtle glow that radiates around the space bringing comfort and warmth. In this trendy monochromatic room with mid-century touch, I replaced traditional Christmas tree with rather gigantic lantern filled with LED lights. It's definitely an option for "less is more" concept supporters.

5. Industrial Modern

Industrial character? What about replacing traditional Christmas Tree with a beautiful bold art?

Strong red colour brings that Christmas spirit right to the heart of the living space and introduces the fresh air to winter holiday. Perfect for those who want to go away from traditional well-known decoration.

What's your favourite? The beauty of Christmas is that every 12 months we have a freedom of creating something completely new!

May your home sparkle

with joy and laughter!

Merry Christmas!


*All interiors in this article are the effect of rendering my ideas. Don't forget to contact me if you wish to see your home redesigned.

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