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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

It's all about the inspiration. Interior design is an art and to create something special we need this fresh mind, elevated mood - "sitting on cloud nine". To do so we need a trigger, exposure to art, nature, books, people...

Inspiration has a long story. In ancient Greece the Muses would inspire creation of literature or art. Nowadays we try to understand the science behind this awakening impulse. According to Todd M. Trash and Andrew J. Elliot inspiration is not just a spontaneous, unintentional stimulation; it has to be followed by the moment of clarity and awareness of new possibilities (vision). I guess this is vivid and most pleasant part of the process, maybe the part which is often missed, because we are too busy... But finally we have to express that vision, so it can meet the daylight.

I have just came back from Fuerteventura. Not everything went according to plan as I got Covid there; but maybe being unwell was a kind of blessing for me? I was forced by the virus to spend time on my own, to get inside my own thoughts, and to observe...

The result? I experienced the beauty. I saw how the nature designs it, how the sun burns all the colours, so the greens, greys, yellows create the perfect harmony; how the blue of the ocean changes during the day and creates either the accent (just like a feature wall) or blends with the beach during sunset, just like it doesn't want to overpower the sand. I realised that this semi-desert landscape doesn't need any decoration to look alluring. Kind of nothing new, but sometimes we need to stop and translate what we see into our own language of beauty.

I'm now back home, and I would love to show you my translation of volcanic Fuerteventura: the bright, airy interior. In this rendering I incorporated colours and shapes I remember from Fuerteventura. Stone, marble, faded colours, shapes of pebbles in the ceiling pendants and more negative space than usually; all that to take you back to the landscape of the island, which I absolutely admire.

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