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Wine, Dine, and Design: My Italian Adventure

Design, food, wine, and sightseeing are all amazing reasons to visit Italy. So, naturally, during my recent trip to Milan Design Week, Bergamo, and Lake Garda, I made sure to indulge in all four!

My eyes were dazzled by the stunning designs on display at Design Week, while my taste buds were kept happily occupied with endless amounts of delicious Italian food and wine.

Milan Design Week is one of the most highly anticipated events in the design world. As an interior designer, I couldn't wait to experience this design extravaganza for myself. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

The city of Milan came alive during Design Week, with installations and events happening all across town. From cutting-edge furniture to avant-garde lighting fixtures, I saw some of the most innovative and inspiring designs that I've ever laid eyes on.

Who says you need a crown to feel like royalty? All you need is the Hortensia chair. Sitting on the Hortensia chair by Moooi was a truly regal experience, I adore this chair. But more about the chairs another time...

One of the highlights of Milan Design Week is Salone del Mobile, the largest and most prestigious furniture fair in the world. The fair is always truly a designer's paradise, with thousands of exhibitors showcasing their latest and greatest creations. From sleek and minimalistic designs to bold and colourful pieces, there is something for everyone at the fair.

But Design Week wasn't just about the Salone del Mobile. I had the chance to explore some of the exhibitions happening around town. From big brands exhibiting in stylish Milanese Palazzi to innovative designs in ancient churches, every corner of Milan was bursting with creativity and design inspiration.

The New Objets Nomades by Louis Vuitton in Palazzo Serbelloni

But Milan wasn't the only destination on my itinerary. I stayed in Bergamo, a charming medieval city about an hour's ride from Milan. There, I sampled some of the best dishes I've ever tasted, from melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto di Parma to rich risotto alla Milanese. And let's not forget the wine! The Lombardy region produces some incredible bottles, and I made sure to try as many as possible.

Finally, I need to mention Brescia...

Hands down, the highlight of my visit was the apartment I stayed in - Intero Appartamento San Giovanni Uno. It was an amazing space with historic details and a lovely courtyard that was so enchanting, I didn't want to leave. The apartment was filled with frescoes and charming character; quirky, unusual. and beautiful. The way the original building's intricate details were harmoniously blended with the clean and stylish Mid-Century Modern furnishings is just pure genius!

Brescia is renowned for its beauty, boasting a UNESCO World Heritage site, the monumental area with the archaeological remains of the Roman forum and the "Capitolium" complex. The city is a treasure trove of art and history, offering a glimpse into the past with its architectural masterpieces and cultural landmarks.

And Sirmione!

What a gem! I couldn't resist leaving the crowds in the old town to explore the very end of the peninsula and enjoy the breath-taking view of Lake Garda.

All in all, my visit to Lombardy was an unforgettable experience. The designs, the food, the atmosphere—it was all a designer's and the wine lover's dream come true.


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